iReflect FAQs

i-reflect is an analytical tool that allows you to assess your company's state of Human-Computer Practice in four areas of human-centredness, process, performance, and impact in just 20 minutes. i-reflect is a tool that emerged from four years of doctoral research studies on usability and user experience design practices in development companies and based on industry standards.

i-reflect allows project team members (developers, designers, project managers, analyst, product owners, etc.) to do peer assessments of their processes and then reflect on the variations visible from individual assessments and map out strategic plans towards maturity of their human-centred design practice.

Our studies have shown that it is important for software development companies to prioritize non-functional requirements in projects. By using i-reflect for continuous process assessments, development companies would be able to increase their awareness and knowledge of Human-Computer Interaction practice.

Two key propositions of this tool are:

1. A company that pays attention to human-centredness both in its internal and development processes will be able to perform usability design more systematically in projects.

2. A company that applies usability design performance in projects makes it more feasible to achieve positive impacts on product’s usability.

First, you would need to create a user profile. You only need an email address and password to log in. Your data would be anonymized. The reason is for analyzing data and supporting the benchmarking functionality of the tool. You would need to answer all the questions in the tool by dragging the slider to rate the extent of your agreement or disagreement with each statement presented. You will be able to see your results visually once you click the ‘Submit’ button.
The visual representations of your results mean you can see your current state regarding each process area and figure out how to improve. You can be able to invite your colleague(s) to take the assessment and see how your results compare. You can compare your results with other companies in your country, continent, and then worldwide (this functionality is presently not available). You can draw up strategic plans to train, recruit experts, or collaborate with experts as the case may be.
The team would be glad to collaborate with your company based on your identified needs. If you would like to contact the team, please fill this short form:
iReflect would be able to offer you prescriptive support to mature your company’s HCI practice. iReflect will help aggregate and recommend relevant online resources (HCI publications, tools, web repositories) that you can adapt to your own needs based on your self-assessment results.